Spirit Express
This is The Welcome Message in the SPIRIT eXpress Course Series.

Welcome Aboard *** The SPIRIT eXpress ***

Greetings Dear Friends and Fellow Seekers,
Welcome aboard the SPIRIT eXpress...

You are going to love this journey and it guarantees lots of exciting twists and turns.

It is with great joy that we welcome you to the SPIRIT eXpress. You have made a firm decision to grow spiritually no matter what lay ahead and that takes great courage. We honor you for this decision and congratulate you for taking the next step on your path so boldly.

Our world is changing so very fast and all we see around us is chaos. But if there was a way to understand what is happening, wouldn't it be easier to deal with the chaos? Wouldn't it be easier to figure out how you fit into this grand scheme of things? Wouldn't it be easier to plan and manage your activities so that you can benefit to the maximum during this time of change?

That is what we hope to accomplish. To help you understand what is going on, how you fit into this world, who you really are and maybe, if you stick with it, you might even come to realize your life mission... The very reason for your existence here on earth.

So you have taken the first step: Commitment to your growth by actually paying for this course. Congratulations! We would love to give this course away for free but there are 2 reasons we cannot. First... we require bread on the table so we have to charge some kind of fee. I am devoting most of my time and efforts to this course and thus it becomes my main source of income. Secondly, if humans do not pay for something, it is generally considered to be without value.

So in accordance to universal law, there must be an equal exchange of energy in some form or another between us. The little bit of money you paid for this course hardly equals the benefit you will receive or the energy put into this course, but we know that somewhere along the line, you will be instrumental in helping others see the Light and help THEM grow. And so the equation is perfectly balanced again.

The universe is amazingly dynamic don't you think? Everything is in perfect, divine order. This is true for all transactions. If there is not an equal exchange of energy (money is energy too as you had to work for it), then one party will NOT derive much benefit from the transaction. So always be honest in your dealings and NEVER try to cheat another , as you will always be on the short end if you cheat. On the other hand, if you pay a fair price, you are bound to receive much benefit from your purchase. (You are always free to send us an additional $500 for this course if you like. <hehe>)

So my task in our new friendship is to drop a few pebbles into your pond dear seeker. The ripples will continue to expand through your world and all who surround you. In this way we can touch many Hearts and lives together.

The next section in the course is ORIENTATION and it will help settle you in for the long haul. The third message (first discourse) deals with commitment to your Spiritual path. Starting with the 3rd message (discourse #1) you should study one discourse a week.

Every discourse builds on the last so it is VITAL that you study each section in its correct order. Be SURE that you understand each section fully and that you have integrated it somewhat into your own consciousness, as you best see fit, BEFORE you proceed to the next discourse.

Print each discourse and read through it at least twice a day, preferably 3 times. Once before you depart for work, yes, get up 10 minutes early. Then again scan through the summary during your lunch break and finally, at night, before bed during your quiet time, (yes MAKE SOME - this is important), study it carefully, reflect on it, talk about it to your spouse if you want and finally, spend a little time making sure you clearly understand each discourse and do the weekly assignment section every night before bed.

Remember: Information is CHEAP... Libraries are full of it.

If it is not utilized or integrated into your own being,it serves no purpose but to entertain you for a few minutes. KNOWLEDGE is information that you successfully internalize... or in other words... MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Don't just read the material, but use it as a guiding light that will show your consciousness into the direction it wants to naturally unfold.

Lastly, don't let your mind get in the way. The mind loves structure and reason and worst of all, it is a sucker for forcing its own limited way of thinking into rock solid beliefs, which in the end are only beliefs and not facts. So the message here is that you MUST learn to "listen" with your HEART and not your head. BE "IN" THE HEART ALL DAY if you can, for when you live your life from that sacred space in your Heart, the place where God shines Divine Light through you, then you cannot go stray. Discernment through focusing your existence in that sacred space of the Heart is the key to the liberation of your true Self.

We trust you will greatly benefit from this home study course and I would like to encourage you right away to make this your Number ONE priority for the week. There is truly no more important activity in your life than the development of your Spirit and the realization or manifestation of your LIFE's WORK.

Please feel free to start the orientation message right away or come back tomorrow for ORIENTATION. If you follow the guidelines you will be in a whole new world by next year this time. You will not recognize your old self and you will find yourself in the realm of miracles. For a change, God will be using YOU to radiate His Divine Love & Light, through your whole being, to touch the Hearts and minds of all you meet. All you have to do is ALLOW God to work with you and THROUGH you.

This can and will be an incredible journey for us both, but you have to "allow" it to transform you. If we resist change and growth, then we may as well be dead. It is my prayer that your angels will work magic in your life, open your Heart and help you to enjoy this journey every step of the way... that you be richly rewarded in the way of SPIRIT, for you have truly taken the first step saying:

If you can get yourself into this position that you can honestly commit to this journey that God / SPIRIT has guided you to, and you can COMMIT right now to your Creator that you will give it your ALL, that you will be as a child with an open mind, with no fear and no pre-conceived ideas and beliefs, I am positive that your life will be radically changed forever. You WILL be propelled along your journey way ahead of the rest of humanity... for you ARE ready...

Will You Commit dear Friend?

I welcome you on this journey with LOVE & LIGHT.

The JOY & Growth is in walking the path, how we deal with life and people, not the end results we achieve.

Allow yourself to enjoy this journey we now embark upon together.

Allow it to be fun,
allow it to be powerful,
allow it to become part of you,
ALLOW your self to be filled with LOVE and JOY and HAPPINESS.
Let us walk together and explore this glorious wonder of our Creator.... LIFE!!!

in Love, Light & Peace,
Your new friend,


Copyright ©2001 by Tasuaté Radaene

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