Warm & Heartfelt Greetings dear Seeker,
In today's message I want to lay the groundwork, the foundation you might say. This orientation is to help you feel comfortable with the material we will cover in the future, or at least to help you understand that anything can happen.

The key is to be "open to receive" and also to be ready for anything. Life is truly an amazingly interesting adventure. Not always easy but most certainly interesting. You probably have many questions and so to start with, let us answer a few questions that everyone usualy wants to know first.

How did SPIRIT eXpress come into existence?

This is a long story and spans many years but we have time for a quick summary. As humans on earth today, we all have a special "calling", more than one in fact. It is "work" that we came here to do as our contribution to the glorious unfolding of The Creator's Divine plan for our little planet.

We each play an important role. I did not know what mine was for a long time but now that I have passed through many trials and tribulations, I can look back over my life and see how each little piece of the puzzle fits perfectly. God has guided me to read and learn so many things and then to experience many of them. I have had to come face to face with who I really am, and that was a hard thing to do.

We are all beautiful divine creations but we also have free will, which has caused us much pain and allowed opportunity for darkness to come into our lives. Learning to cut out the darkness and manifest only the Light has been a difficult process. We are all trapped in confusion, lies and manipulation. Learning to break free, learning to think for yourself, learning about who you are and how you fit into the world is an almost impossible task without help.

I have had the privilege of having many teachers. With their help I have battled through most of the chaos we all face and I am most grateful for their help. There is so much I have learned that I can share and if I can make ONLY ONE person's journey easier, then I am eager to do so, and grateful that I am in a position to be of service to just that one person.

Now when I look back, I can see clearly how God has guided my growth to this point. One day, out of nowhere, it dawned on me that part of my life's work, "my calling", is to share what I have learned with as many people as possible. We all have to walk the same journey sooner or later. There are many paths to this one destination but they all include pretty much the same processes, trials and tribulations. So no matter what path you have chosen for yourself, what religion, what beliefs, our goal and destination is the same....  GOD, OUR CREATOR.

So I followed the guidance I was given and developed this course, The SPIRIT eXpress.

It is titled this way because of two reasons. I use the word SPIRIT because it is our main focus, the world of SPIRIT. Everything in the 3rd dimension is an illusion, a pretty convincing one at that but still, it is an illusion. We are not physical bodies... We are Spirits... SOULS!  We just live in a physical body for a very short period of time. So our focus in this course is not about the physical world, but instead we concentrate on our TRUE nature: "SPIRIT"

The "eXpress" part is pretty simple. I have done research on almost every possible path of Spiritual development and I have found that there are millions of ways to get "stuck". There are thousands of distractions and phenomena that can sidetrack us and although interesting and fun, they do not encourage us to grow to the next step. Instead, we become over-fascinated with one new little thing and we lose focus, we lose the momentum that was so hard to build up in the first place.

When we lose focus and forget WHY it is that we are walking this journey, we grind to a halt. So "eXpress" is in the course title because we will explore many wonderful things in this course but you will NOT get "stuck" on them.

We focus on the important aspects of growth and discovery. For example, if you learned all you will learn from this course by yourself in your own time, it would probably take 10 to 100 years to get to the same point in your development. That is because we humans become over-fascinated with something and "dwell" on a subject for way too long before we allowourselves to go on to the next level.

In this course, we cover one subject a week. That puts you under enough pressure to learn about something and incorporate it into your consciousness in one week only. Important subjects are revisited several times but each week we learn something new, which forces you to go to the next step in as little time as possible. In your own natural timing, you may have taken 3 months to 3 years to learn about each topic. Now you get the essence of it in just a week or two. If you want to learn more about a subject later, at least you are aware of it and you can explore a topic that interests you in greater detail whenever it suits you.

But during this course there is no place for stagnation. At times you will feel like it is moving at lightspeed and you just cannot keep up. You may want to read this last sentence again as it is a friendly warning in advance.

This course will also force you to bang your head through many mental blockages. It is fast and expects you to grow fast with it. A week is not much time to integrate new knowledge so I encourage you to take each weekly discourse, print it out, carry it with you everywhere and read it 3 times a day. Think about it ALL day if you can. Even if you work 8 hours a day, you have many little breaks. Take your printed discourse with you to work and at least read the summary a few times during work.

There is NOTHING more important to you than your Spiritual Growth. NOTHING!

So I urge you to make it the highest priority in your life. It is just ONE YEAR. In this one year you will grow more than most people manage in their entire lifetime. Dedicate yourself to this course today. Make a sincere promise to your Creator that you will embrace this opportunity you have been granted and that you will dedicate your efforts to maximize your growth.

Wow, this has become a bit serious and I do apologize. I am very passionate about the possibilities this course could bring to your life and I know what it can do for you. It breaks my heart to see so many people trapped in confusion and darkness, struggling along without help or unwilling to be helped. There is no point to continue the suffering. We need liberation. So if I get too serious it is because I want you to blossom into the FULL YOU in as little time as possible.

Of course there will be those who join this course in good intentions but you know, good intentions are just intentions. We need committed decisions and then action. Intentions are just to soothe that nagging voice in the back of your head saying "Make something of yourself" but in fact, it is the ego pacifying the driving urge for growth. The negative ego has no intention of changing anything. It likes things just the way they are and have no interest to give up control.

So it is UP TO YOU to take charge. The REAL you, The SPIRIT YOU.

Decide now to commit yourself to this course for a year and see the radical change in your life. Do not let your ego pacify you and say "sure, we will do this course and it will be great" but 3 weeks from now it becomes "too much to read" and you are still where you were when you started. Don't let this become your story. Commit to it right now and make a sincere promise to your Creator that you will grasp this opportunity. It is no accident that you "made contact" with SPIRIT eXpress. At least if you make a sincere promise to your CREATOR, I have high hopes that you will keep it.

Who writes the course materials?

The 10 second introduction: My name is Tasuaté and it is I who have been called to bring you this course, the SPIRIT eXpress. Although I draw on much of my own experience and knowledge, I am but the instrument you might say, for this work to manifest and be made available to you. Before each discourse, I ask our Creator to guide me in this process, to bring to you the words you need to hear, to deliver to you the most efficient and expedient way to grow along your own special Spiritual journey.

So in a sense you can say that I surrender my self to divine guidance before writing these words and I trust that whatever is written here, is indeed the words that God wants me to bring to you. So you may find that a passage is specifically written just for you or maybe it has special significance for someone else. I just know that God and his many helpers will use me and this course to touch the Hearts and minds of many people. It gives me great joy that I can be of service to you in this manner.

So what kind of a name is Tasuaté anyway?

Well I was not born with this name. My Earth Mother & Father opted for a more conventional name so I would not be teased too much. People teased me anyway, even to this very day.

Somewhere in my Spiritual walk of discovery I found out that we had names BEFORE we came here to earth, before birth that is. Yes, your Soul has a name. Of course it has, why not? We refer to it as a cosmic name. You may have several names that you will discover along your journey.

I was most curious about this and I guess at the time I needed some validation as to who I was and that I was not JUST another human being with little value or purpose. You know those thoughts, we all have them. Anyway, one of my angels (well God's angels but the ones who watch over me) said they would find out for me, if it meant that much to me. So the next day this angel told me what my cosmic name is and it instantly "rang true" in my Heart. Almost like an elusive memory that jumped out to the foreground. I was of course delighted and I am proud of this name. I have since decided to use this name in all my SPIRIT work and reserve my birth name for official papers, banks, that kind of thing. Recently another Angel appeared to help us in a ceremony and addressed me as "Aretna" which I found odd. After inquiry I was told that it is another of my names. This may be hard to comprehend now but later in the course it you will understand how one Soul can have several names.

So my cosmic name is Tasuaté Radaene. Thank you angels. It is pronounced "ta-soo-it" with the "it" part sounding like the "it" in "bit". Weird huh? I did some research on the web and cannot find any name even close to it so I am guessing it is an off-world name and has not been used on this planet before.

After the angel(s) told me my cosmic name I was elated. I felt a deep feeling inside that I am so much MORE than what meets the eye. We are ALL soooo much more than the helpless little humans we think we are. Of course when I was told what it meant, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I guess I have much to live up to as this is what I was told it meant.

Tasuaté means "OUT BEYOND THE STARS"

I sometimes write it without the "thingy" on the "e" as it doesn't work so well in some fonts.

As you can see, I have much to live up to and sometimes it is intimidating to think of yourself in such a way. It has also been a source of strength for me when times were tough. I like my name (for the first time in my life) and am proud to use it. Please do not think of it in terms of ego but that I use it in order to "resonate" deeper with my Soul. It is amazing to think that a name can mean so much to a person.

Maybe somewhere in this course you will make contact with your Angels too and probably, when the time is right, your cosmic names will be revealed to you as well. Who knows what we can expect on this journey. All I know is that the universe is filled with wonders beyond our wildest imagination and if only we but "ask" and "allow", we too can enjoy these wonders.

What is this SPIRIT eXpress course about?

Your guess is as good as mine. As I write this to you now, I have no idea what awaits us on this journey. Anything can happen and I am "okay" with that. I trust that God and his many helpers will guide us both along this journey. That is all I can do. "Trust" that the words I put to paper is what God wants to be in this course

My greatest challenge has been to "start" these writings. There is so much information ahead that will literally rock the foundations of most people and indeed this is a necessary step. To break free from the bonds that kept us trapped in chaos and then slowly we discover the world anew. My predicament has been to figure out where to start. I do not wish to offend anyone, nor is it my desire to force any beliefs on to you. But we must start somewhere. We have people in this course from many countries, many religions, many faiths and many belief systems.

So we will start from the beginning. We will try to wrap our little human minds around the incomprehensible. Impossible to do, but we must try. So far I have used the word "God" when I refer to the supreme being that is our Creator, that creates All-That-Is. Many people from many cultures have different names for The Creator and we will not get caught up in semantics.

So for the purpose of convenience, I will refer to The Creator as either "God" or "Spirit". If you have any negative emotional response to any terms I use, then please try to break free from the molds that keep you in chaos and always try to see the larger picture. Our language is such a limited method of communication and there is so much room for mis-interpretation. So I ask that you will not get stuck on one little word and deny yourself the greater experience. Let us practice some tolerance for a change... There is way too little of it in the world.

I can guarantee you that times will come when you are face to face with a realization that will shake the very foundations of your understanding and beliefs. It may be similar to when a person has always believed that the earth is a flat disk and then suddenly they see a "from space" picture of what earth really looks like, beyond a shadow of doubt proof. Such a person will have to deal with an internal crisis, as the very core of their beliefs are now shattered and they must decide to either embrace the new understanding that the world is indeed a sphere and not flat... OR... go into complete denial and refuse point blank to bring their consciousness into a higher reality. Which approach would you advise?

The same might happen to you during this course when some of your foundations begin to shake a little. When this happens, your first response will be to pretend it isn't there or that it is just nonsense. You may have no proof that it is nonsense or that your point of view is factual, but your ego will insist that you are right and the course materials are just plain nonsense. This is the nature of blind belief based on nothing but stubbornness and resistance to change.

THIS IS WHEN YOU FACE A CRITICAL TIME IN YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. Because if you can break through these barriers with an open mind, a willingness to entertain ideas different from your own, and pray that God will give you enlightenment about this "thing" that faces you, this barrier to cross, THIS IS WHEN YOU LEAP AHEAD ALONG YOUR PATH TO GOD.

The very thing that keeps us in Spiritual, mental & emotional bondage is the stubborn beliefs we have formed about certain things, whether they are based on fact or not. We believe so many things which just aren't so and we insist that they are because some core beliefs form the very foundation of how we view the world and how we relate to this world.

Most of the time it is easier for people to turn away from such a breakthrough as it is easier to continue in denial than to face radical changes in how we see the world. A little example may be a teenage boy learning for the first time, after 18 years, that his mom and dad are not his natural parents and that he was adopted as a baby. Imagine the radical shift in how this teenager views his parents, the anger about the truth being withheld for so long and then how this teenager must now come to grips with a whole new, never before considered reality.

This is a simple example of how we respond to radical change. On the spiritual path we have to undergo similar experiences where our core beliefs become endangered because things just are not what we think they are. Will you have the courage to go through these experiences?

Growth is not about learning.
Growth IS change...
Usually change for the better.

It is my prayer that you will have the courage to break through these barriers when they come up, and they will. I guarantee you that. It is also my prayer that when it happens, that God will surround you with many angels to support you in that difficult time. My best suggestion is to keep your mind open, seriously consider the new point of view presented and then based on your Heart, how you feel inside your Heart, see if you can embrace this new concept and challenge. It is like healing... it comes with time. The worst thing you can do is turn away and discount it as nonsense. Denial & stubbornness has never served or benefited anyone.

Think about this for a second...
If spiritual growth was easy...
Why do we NOT live in a glorious paradise filled with Love?
Instead we live in a world dominated by fear, violence, anger, greed and hatred.

It is time to change our world and it has to start small. I change, you change, others change and hopefully if we can do it fast enough, the whole world will change. You will soon learn more about the beautiful things that await us (as humanity) and also for our planet. But it all starts at home. It starts with YOU. Then with your family and friends, the neighbors and then the guy down the street.

The fact that you enrolled for this course means YOU have been granted the opportunity to grow very fast. Who granted you this opportunity? Take a guess. Who led you to this point in your life? Who clearly thinks that this course will help you through the next few steps of your growth. I will leave that question for you to answer.

This journey can be fun and exciting and wonderful... IF YOU LET IT BE. It can also be very hard, especially those times when we either make a great breakthrough or give up and go back to the way it was. Hang in there... It is worth it!

Well that is certainly enough seriousness for one day. Let's wrap this up quickly.

Here is a good idea. Why don't you buy a special book that you can write in. Make it a special journal in which you can record your thoughts as you walk this journey with me. The changes may be subtle and so you may not notice how you change over time. But keep a journal and a few months from now, go read your first few entries and you will be amazed at the shift.

Your ASSIGNMENT for today:
Find 15 minutes quiet time. I know you can...
You need a pen (or pencil) and a piece of paper (or your new SPIRIT journal).

Take a few minutes and quickly examine your life up to this point in time.
What have you done, what have you accomplished?
What have you done with your life that has made a difference to this world?
What have you given in exchange for what you have accomplished in your life so far?
What price have you paid?

There are no right or wrongs. Just take a quick look at your life.

Now grab your pen and make a brief summary of your life based on the questions above. Don't be too cryptic because you want to be able to re-read this again

Now lastly, write down what your Spirit, your Soul desperately longs for.

You can write one page or 50 pages. It is entirely up to you, as long as you write something. The only way to fail is to write nothing. The object of this exercise is for you to create a starting point in your life right now. As you put your thoughts to paper, you manifest a point from where you can start this journey. If you like, write down a little prayer on page 2 of your SPIRIT journal asking for help, support, guidance and clarity on this journey you now embark upon. The help is always available, we just have to ask for it.

Well this is it for today. Please stqart with Discourse #1 tomorrow or as soon as you feel ready. There is no strict schedule and your rate of progress is entirely up to you. We do suggest you do one discourse a week and no less than 4 days per discourse. I thank you for the time you spend reading this messages, for your dedication to bettering your life, for walking your spiritual path in truth and honesty and for making this world a better place to live in.

Know that you are dearly loved, more than you could ever imagine. I want to leave you with a quote from a celestial being named "Omni". This quote has helped me greatly to realize how much I am loved, how much value I have to contribute and lastly, how precious I am to my Creator and his many many helpers. We are truly loved beyond anything you can imagine... I hope it helps you to realize that you DO have value and that you too are greatly loved, in spite of what it may seem like in your life right now. Perhaps you should add it to your journal as well.

"You are more precious than an ocean of diamonds"

I wish you a wonderful week ahead and may God bless you richly as you walk your truth upon this journey.
in Love, Light & Peace,
I AM Tasuaté


Copyright ©2001 by Tasuaté Radaene

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