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Birthing today is vastly different from the world of our mothers and grandmothers. The extended family has evolved into much more of a compact nuclear family and/or single parent family. Giving birth surrounded by a loving group of female relatives has largely been replaced by high tech hospital based services.

The caring warmth of a DOULA can help to ease the discomforts of pregnancy, and the birthing process. Her nurturing, professional service is designed to suit the needs of the expectant family. A plan of care, developed during the pregnancy, is her guide to meeting those needs. The goal is to provide support and consistency during the labour, birth, and post partum period for the mother and baby.

Breast feeding is the natural, health enhancing food for your newborn. Breastfeeding is a learned art for both mother and baby. The help and teaching of a certified lactation consultant can often reduce some of the early stresses that interfere with this natural process.

A certified lactation consultant since 1981, Judith is available to offer practical help and guidance, especially in the early period. Pre and post natal counselling, and long or short term assistance can be arranged.

Referrals to other centres available. 

E-mail for information - Urgent needs are given priority.


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Located Ontario serving the Georgian Triangle.

Judith Andrade RN IBCLC RLC
30 years experience as a Breastfeeding Resource Nurse and Lactation Consultant.

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