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Reflections 2006-7

Dear Friends

I try not to be dismayed that it has been too long since my last letter. In fact, when I try to see why I have failed to keep up with the annual message to the faithful readers at this site, I realized that I have been doing what I wish and hope for everyone else - time to work on those things most dear to my heart. It is now easy for me to see how little we can do in one direction, if our energies our scattered in so many others. Since this web site and the work that supports it contain all my goals for the future, it is time to update its contents and its messages, so that those who have been a part of our growth will know what I have been doing 'in service of our vision'.

I last wrote to this site in 2005 when our dear Heath-Keeper, Colleague and Friend, Gyma Dawson passed into Summerland. She is sorely missed by us all. In particular, I miss her lively sense of humour and on-going support for the work of the Hearth. Still, I believe that she would not have liked us to let go of the dream of being a Women's Collective, serving the needs of our community. Since her untimely passing, I personally have spent my reflective time seeking ways to be stronger, more community oriented, less work focused. There are many times when I felt that I had failed miserably but like many women, I have been too hard on myself.

No, we have not been able to offer our classes at the Hearth. Our healing Meditation services have not been well attended, but, I have finished the courses I set out for myself a year ago. I have been marrying couples throughout the Georgian Triangle and Toronto for the past two years and the Hearth, despite its apparent inactivity, has seen groups come and go, has maintained our quarterly Ladies Day Circle and it has been a haven for a few women who needed sanctuary.

In 2007 we will be up and running again, March 31. This day, the anniversary of Gyma's passing, has been designated as our start up day for all official activities of the Hearth. We will be working full tilt on our programs of service to the community, individualized care plans for women in need and support services to all who enter our doors. Our focus is to use our collective energies wisely, to be the crone, sage-femme in our circle of life.

We will be offering a membership program (Link to Membership FORM) to enable women to access our services at very reasonable rates. We will continue to offer healing/meditation services in the Hearth and work on the building will progress. Yes, planning is part of the work that we do, but this time marks the time for manifesting our energies in practical ways. Look at our pages of services, stories, programs and courses, then join us.

'There are no problems. . . only opportunities for solutions'

Hierademater (Judith)

Discover your path. . . then make it new!

Dear Friends and Kindred Spirits,

There is no time like the present to gather together our resources and make things happen. On our web site we introduced the idea of regular meetings to allow members to share ideas in some way or just to get together to learn more about the Goddess in our life and how we can best incorporate her energies into the little things we do each day.

The idea of a gathering has been building. The success of our practitioner's group held periodically at a location just out of the city has meant a great deal to the participants. The sharing of knowledge and exhcange of energy as we draw closer in our circle provides a fulfilling balance to the stress of every day living.

For those who are interesting in building a spiritual circle that supports your work, your home, your life or you inner needs then come and join us on the new moon (a great time for planning) when we will explore some ancient and modern rituals as we value each other. We welcome your expertise and knowledge and honour those who wish to share.

The group will be spiritual (non denominational) and woman centred.

Here are some of the interesting topics and activities that we will share.

  • Music
  • Rituals
  • Crafts
  • Healing
  • Meditation
  • Reading

Most of all, we hope to share our dreams and ideas for making this world a better place. Upcoming dates will be posted soon - e-mail for details

This resources page in our Goddess section welcomes stories from women who wish to share thoughts and experiences. Send all submissions to info@discoverthepath.com. Your name and any other information that you want to share will appear as sent to us. Stories will be read for editing but not changed as long as the wording and content meet standards of the Internet protocol.

For more information about the gatherings, please e-mail us.


  • Goddesses in Everywoman, by Jean Shineda Bolen
  • The Goddess Within, A Guide to the Eternal Myths, by Jennifer and Roger Woolger
  • Jambalaya, The Natural Woman's Book, by Luisa Teish
  • The Goddess Oracle, by Amy Sophia Marashinshy
  • The Spiral Dance, by Starhawk
  • The White Goddess, by Robert Graves

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