Discover the Path at Hestia's Hearth (DTP@Hh)

If the core of organized religion exists within the collective then the heart of spirituality exists within the individual.

DTP@Hh is committed to providing leadership in the development of an individualized program called The Self Reflecting Path of Feminine Spiritual Reclamation

The initiation into the community of DTP@Hh is a path of study at various levels of awareness leading to nomination/designation as a Certified Spiritual Healer, Diplomat of Earth Stewardship, or Hiera De Meter. (See Hiera De Meter)

Here are some questions and answers that may help as you decide on your best course of action.

Why do I need to study?

Life is a continual process of learning. Focused study enables forward movement by disabling rigid thought patterns. Beyond the physical aspects of daily life, and beyond the routines lies a need for quiet reflection to encourage the spirit to manifest within.

Where would I start?

Introspection requires solitude and patience. Learning is a step by step process that is initiated by a thought, solidified into your reality and used as a foundation. Start at the beginning, as the program suggests, using the knowledge and skills that you have developed over the years. Gradually, you will recognize and coalesce all aspects of your being into a foundation for further development.

How long should it take to complete the course?

The program is self-regulating. DTP@Hh will provide leadership and guidance. You are not being tested or marked although we are happy to review the results of your program. It is also not a requirement to complete the program in order to become a member of SHES. DTP@Hh recommends some commitment to self study prior to ordination through our services.

What will it cost?

Books and study guides are available at most bookstores. Borrowing books from DTP@Hh is possible for a nominal fee. A donation is requested for those wishing for a program review with comments.

I begin

Your belief system does not necessarily reflect your authentic self.

Your path begins with you and your creation/birth story.

Without your birth story it is difficult to connect with your past and your beginnings. Start by documenting what you know of your family history and your place in it.

How does your philosophy of today differ from that of your family and why?

Choose one of the follow media to recreate your birth story

Create an essay/story/poem of your conception/birth and life. Add as much detail and symbolism as you feel comfortable. Analysis of events that shaped your life can be added. It is your story.

Using Tarot cards, pick as many as you desire and tell your story using the cards to represent phases, years, events or anything you feel comfortable including. Both major and minor arcana cards should be used.

Using your natal birth chart, describe your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Include details of their relationship to each other by house and sign. Modify the story using the other planets or transits to add to the overall picture.

On the blank canvass of your choice, design a sequence of symbols/pictures that best demonstrates your life story.

If movement best typifies your artistic expression, choose or create music and dance that carries you from birth to the present.

Call on the energy of the muses for inspiration in all things creative!

Study the elements of at least three creation myths of any culture or religion in the world. Choose one that you identify most closely with your own creation story. Which character in the creation myth do you see as your authentic self?

I understand

You are a child of the earth connected to all its inhabitants by the aura.

Describe a meaningful personal experience generated by awareness of your aura.

Describe your aura and what relationship it has to others.

Describe your aura in relationship to the environment.

Create an earth day project that has meaning for you.

Think of ways in which you would celebrate the 28 day moon phase cycle or the year round solstices and festivals. Create an events calendar or design a wheel of the year.

Choose at least one of the following exercises. A minimum of 8 Goddesses are to be chosen for each response

Choose Goddesses to represent each of your moon phases. Explain your choices and what energies are manifested at each phase.

Choose a Goddess for each month of the year. What stories are represented by your choices?

Choose a Goddess for each of the solstices and festivals. What challenges are represented by their energies at those festivals?

I create

You have discovered your authentic self

Which Goddess energy most represents you?

Identify this representation from

  • an elemental focus i.e. earth-based, water-based
  • a cultural focus
  • philosophical/moral focus

Prepare a visualization, or ritual that best honors your identified spirit/goddess/soul's purpose.

What role are you prepared to accept on behalf of your Chosen Goddess energies?

Certified Spiritual Healer

Define your practice
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Implementation

Diplomat of Earth Stewardship

Define your project
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Implementation

Hiera DeMeter

Define your congregation
  • In your role as Group Leader, what are their expectations of you
  • How will you meet their expectations
  • Prepare an outline of your Program and its development

I am

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