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Discover The Path offers a wide range of helpful holistic information and services that encourage the discovery of your personal path to wellness and good health.

Pathways, Respite, Elder & Palliative Care

Serving South Simcoe County, Ontario Canada

athways REspite and Elder Care, serving south Simcoe County Ontario Canada

Spirit eXpress

An online course that offers a year long exploration of spirituality

The Hearth Ministry

Service, Support, Programs

The Hearth Ministry at Discover the Path - Read more!

World Awake Bridging Inter-Faith and Inter-Spiritual Communities by Linking Spirit, Service and Care

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Visit Judith D. Andrade's Book Page for more information on her book The Will to be True - In the Shadow of the Blackbird

Judith D. Andrade
Natural Health Services by Gertrude King

Visit Gertrude King's Health Source pages for details about her services, and more natural health reading

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