The Goddess Ministry

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Discover the path...
at Hestia's Hearth

Spirituality for the Millennium Empowering your life through service inspired by our Patron Goddess, Hestia

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Goddess Profiles in Courage


Agathology 'An inquiry into the nature of good'; A Series of Survivor Stories

The Self-Reflecting Path of Feminine Spiritual Reclamation

Enchanting, informative and useful ways to bring the Goddess Energy into your daily life.

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References, Resources, Reflections

Goddess of the Month...

Food for thought, a short story celebrating a goddess and some cleansing rituals... for all 12 months of the year!

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Astrology and the Goddess

See how your sun/moon sign matches with the Celtic tree signs, or the Greco-Roman goddesses.

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The Spirit eXpress course introduction

In the Goddess Section...
Discover the path... Goddess Profiles in Courage The Self-Reflecting Path References, Resources, Reflections Goddess of the Month... Astrology and the Goddess

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