Greco-Roman and Celtic Dieties

Here are two lists that contain the name of some of the Greco Roman Goddesses and the Deities of the Celtic Calendar. There are many women who already have a knowledge of the energies of the ancient deities and can apply some of the myths to their own lives. Others may have a superficial knowledge but wish to learn more. We are not experts, but we hope to present a few stories that our readers may find interesting and informative over the next few months. (Visit the "Goddess of the Month" section for more information.)
There are many ways of discovering the goddess within each of us. Whether that has any significance or relevance to life today remains the decision of the individual. There are many paths to follow in the search for personal meaning. For example, if you have an interest in astrology, then discovering the placement of the asteroid Goddesses in the birth chart would be helpful in identifying their energy in a very visual way. Working with that information can be useful in a practical or spiritual manner. The importance of discovery lies in opening levels of self understanding. We also provide information about resource material that can enhance the learning process.

The Greco-Roman Goddesses

Roman Name Greek Name Goddess of... Role Represents Astrology Link
Diana Artemis The Hunt & the Moon Sister Feminist Competitor Cancer
Minerva Athena Wisdom, Justice & Crafts Father’s Daughter Strategist Libra, Leo, Aquarius
Vesta Hestia Hearth & Temple Maiden Aunt Wise Woman Virgo, Scorpio
Juno Hera Marriage Wife Commitment Libra, Scorpio
Ceres Demeter Agriculture & Grain Mother Caretaker Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio
Proserpina Persephone Maidens, Underworld Mother’s Daughter Receptive Woman Pluto
Venus Aphrodite Love & Beauty Lover Creative Woman Venus, Neptune
Gaia Gaea Earth Earth Mother Life Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

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The Celtic Calendar


Celtic Sign, Animal Symbol


Western Astrology

Celtic Diety


Greco Roman Diety

24/12 - 20/1 Birch Tree, Stag Sun Capricorn/Saturn Lugh Warrior God/Inventor Apollo
21/1 - 17/2 Rowan Tree/Dragon Uranus Aquarius Brigid Goddess of Fertility & Poetry Bona Dea, Artemis
18/2 - 17/3 The Ash Tree, Adder Neptune Pisces Gwydion Magician God Oceanus, Poseidon
18/3 - 14/4 The Alder Tree, Fox Mars Aries Bran God of the Spirit World Aries, God of War
15/4 - 12/5 The Willow Tree, Sea Serpent Moon Aries/Taurus Ceridwen Celtic Moon Goddess Artemis, Selene, Hecate
13/5 - 9/6 The Hawthorne Tree, Chalice Vulcan Taurus/Gemini Olwyn Summer Flower Maiden Hephastus
10/6 - 7/7 Oak Tree, Horse and Wren Jupiter Gemini/Cancer Dagda Father of all Gods Zeus
8/7 - 4/8 Holly Tree, Unicorn Earth Cancer/Leo Danu, Gavannan Mother Goddess Gaia, Ceres, Persephone
5/8 - 1/9 The Hazel Tree, Salmon Mercury Leo/Virgo Mannanon Sea God Hermes, Mercury
2/9 - 29/9 The Vine, Swan Venus (Gwena) Virgo/Libra Guinevere The Fairy Bride Aphrdite, Venus
30/9 - 27/10 The Ivy, Butterfly Persephone Veiled Libra/Scorpio Arianrhod, Rhiannon Lunar Goddess, Horse Goddess Persephone, Hecate, Ariadne
28/10 - 24/11 The Reed, The White Hound Pwyll Scorpio/Sagittarius Pwyll God of the Underworld Pluto, Hades
25/11 - 22/12 Elder Tree, Black Horse Sadorn Sagittarius/Capricorn Pryderi Son of Pwyll Saturn, Chronos

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