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The advent of spring cries out for the Goddesses of fertility, growth, plants and flowers.  Traditionally, planting is also done by the Moon's phases. Many farmers, gardeners and horticulturists today will still use the almanac faithfully. In principle, honouring this special female role of fertility and growth would seem natural.  But we know that at night under the silver moonlight flowers close their eyes and sleep only to wait for the morning light to awaken. The Sun's gentle dawn rays warm and tease the delicate blooms to open and make our world so colourful.

Finding a Goddess who could represent this awakening was not so difficult and most appropriate.  Amaterasu is the Japanese Goddess of the Sun.  To explain her disapperance at night the myth grew that she had a quarel with her brother.  He was an unsavoury character named Susano.  Amaterasu was afraid of him and disappointed by his behaviour.  She went into a cave and rolled a large boulder behind her to completely separate her from the world.

Things were already bad on the land because of the quarrel but when Amaterasu went into the cave the plants, and flowers withered and died. Darkness reined and many evil things happened led by her wicked brother. The council of Gods and Goddesses became fearful and devised a plan to trick Amaterasu out of her cave so that happiness and light would be restored.

They asked the Goddess of Dawn, Amo No Uzume, to do a funny dance.  As she danced the Gods and Goddesses laughed.  Amaterasu heard the sound and became very curious. She moved the boulder and peeked outside.  As she did so, her reflection was beamed back to her through a mirror the Gods and Goddesses were holding.  She was dazzled by her own beauty.  The cave was sealed and light was restored to the land.

The Sun's beauty and power is healing but can be harmful when not used properly or enjoyed with respect. Without it we would be lost.  Amaterasu gave her light and warmth to her world.  Within each of us lies that ability to shine and in doing so we can light the way for others.  Smile and the world smiles with you.  Find your own Sun this month and let it out, so that it will be reflected back to you in peace and harmony.

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