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As March blows into our lives bringing spring and new begginings, we look to the source of all life as our Goddess of the Month.

Over 6000 years ago, the known world had a different feel.  There were no city fortresses, or war.  Progress was centred around the development of art, crafts, and agriculture.  Then, unlike today, the societies of the world were matriarchal.  The sexes were equal but the role of mother and giver of life was unequalled by any task that men could do and so women were honoured and their societies flourished.

Later, around 3,500 BCE, marauding bands of men began destabilizing these societies and subjugating women.  Few were able to withstand the superior strength of the invaders. The Amazons, for example, were among the few surviving cultures. In subsequent years the temples, statues, art work, and beauty of those civilizations were lost and buried but not gone from our deepest unconscious.  Modern archeologists have found in certain places like Turkey, evidence of highly developed cultures.  Unfortunately, an unbiased interpretation did not always find its way into history.

We are in essence a replication of each human that ever was born.  Within ourselves we carry patterns and thoughts that connect us with the past. This term was called the collective unconscious by Carl Jung.  While the mysteries of the Goddess have been buried, they have not died.  The constant change of seasons and the rebirth of the land each spring tell us that our origin from a Great Mother is part of us all.  Many myths tell of Her rise from Chaos to give birth to humanity.

There are many creation stories from cultures all around the world.  The Goddesses will have different names that are familiar to each of us and so we celebrate not one but all of the women in history who represent the life force of the culture in which you belong.  To honour Her, plant a seed and watch it grow.  Tend it with loving care and watch its many faces throughout the year and remember the source of your life.

Some names of creation Goddesses; Mere Ama, Ishtar, Astarte, Demeter, Hera, Cybele, Gaia, Oya, Lillith, Sheila Na Gig, Cerridwen

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