Diabetes and Sexuality


Sexual problems are among the most frustrating and debilitating problems associated with diabetes. There is currently a high incidence of erectile dysfunction and infertility in the male population and infertility in the female population that is due to stress, environmental factors, lifestyle, prescription drugs, alcohol and substance abuse. The incidence of female sexual dysfunction has been understudied in the female population and even less in the diabetic population.

Some issues associated with sexual dysfunction in the male and female:-




Due To:

Difficult Arousal * * Decreased sensitivity due to overweight, poor nerve conduction, self esteem issues, stress, drugs
Painful intercourse - * Yeast (candida) infections, Vaginal dryness due to poor lubrication, urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis, STD's
Lack of Orgasm * * impaired signal transmittal from brain to sexual organs caused by diabetic neuropathy
Erectile dysfunction * 50% - Impaired blood flow to genitalia, often due to side effects of medications, diabetic neuropathy, high blood pressure
Hypoglycaemic episodes after sexual activity * * Sex is not thought of as an excercise but the energy required to perform is quite high and should be compensated by a beverage prior to sexual activity
Retrograde ejaculation * 2% - Damage to the neck of the bladder prevents semen from ejaculating through the penis. The semen enters the bladder causing infertility


1. Control blood sugar levels to minimize nerve damage

2. Control High Blood [pressure to maximize blood flow to genitalia

3. Reduce weight and exercise

4. Treat conditions that impact on genital health such as urinary tract infection, yeast infections

5. Avoid Red meat and meat products that may contain female hormones.

6. Lifestyle changes should include reducing alcohol, stopping smoking

7. Avoid processed foods that may contain nitrites.

8. Avoid tight close fitting underwear in men and panty hose in women

9. Meditation, yoga, hypnotherapy to decrease stress

10. Increase vegetable proteins in the diet and supplement with:

  • Damiana - Increase libido
  • Vitamin C, E, - Antioxidants for clearing the system
  • Zinc - Essential to the formation of insulin, immune strength, gland, sexual, and reproductive health
  • Niacin - Improves circulation
  • Saw Palmetto - Improves prostate health
  • L-tyrosine - Improves libido
  • Ginseng - Increase energy
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