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for the spirit 

For the Spirit

The philosophy of HealthSource is that all holistic healing practices are grounded in spiritual development.  Services listed below are specifically focuses on assisting that development through engaging the spiritual element directly.

an interpretation of behaviour and personality based on the influence of planetary positions.

Feng Shui:
a guide to the placement of furnishings, accessories and colours to achieve harmony and balance in one's surroundings.

sprititual practices which interpret the symbols of ancient media such as Tarot Cards, with their elemental images of earth, air, wind and fire; Medicine Walk Cards, which use native totem energies; or Runic Energy, which is an interpretation of the basic consciousness energy life-force using Rune Stones. Another form of readings is the interpreting of the universal energy force visible around the body to highly intuitive practitioners sometimes called Channelers or Pyschics.

Discover the Path offers Tarot Card reading services:


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