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The enhancement of mind, body, and spirit using aromatic essential plant oils. Natural oils are antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial, which benefits the immune system. A massage or relaxing body treatment which includes a customized blend of evocative oils is just the thing for a wonderful feeling of well-being.

Registered Massage Therapy Practitioner Gertrude King
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Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage
Heated Stone Body Massage
Raindrop Therapy - an aromatic back treatment
Infant Massage


A system of stimulating areas on the feet and hands which reflect the various organs and structures in the body.

Combined with a finish of gentle hand and foot massage, this treatment improves circulation, easing body stress and tension

Reflexology Treatment by Gertrude King
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A spiritual healing process involving gentle, non-invasive touch.

The intent is to aid the client in making a personal connection to a sense of wellbeing and peace

Therapeutic Touch

The Krieger/Kunz method of intuitive healing: gently passing the hands over the client, smoothing the bioenergetic field around the body.

It is a particularly soothing therapy for physical ailments

Ear Candling

A warm, gentle method of encouraging the natural ear process of releasing hardened wax and accumulated dust.

Includes relaxing hands and foot massage

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Pedicure (OPI Products)

A relaxing foot soak, cleaning and trimming of nails and cuticles, polish finish
With heat treatment and Reflexology massage

Manicure (OPI Products)

Cleaning and trimming of nails and cuticles, massage and polish finish

Reflexology Massage to compliment aesthetic treatments
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Hand massage with Parafin Hand Treatment
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Paraffin Hand Treatment

A heated paraffin hand dip and massage

Cleansing Facial (Clayton Shagal Products)

Gentle cleansing of delicate facial skin, steaming and a relaxing head and neck massage

Hot wax hair removal:
Lip & chin

ION Detox Foot Bath

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South Simcoe County Ontario Canada: On-site visits to private homes, spa parties, retreats, nursing homes, and special care residences available at an additional cost. Gift Certificates available

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Doula/Labour & Birth Support

A Doula is a support companion who is present during childbirth to assist a labouring mother. The term "doula" is an old Greek word describing an experienced woman in service to another woman.

A Birth Doula helps a woman and her family prepare for the birth of the baby. She offers continuous emotional and physical support during labour and assistance with immediate newborn care. A Doula does not replace the woman’s partner or care provider, nor does she perform clinical tasks. She does not make decisions or speak for her clients but helps the woman to achieve as near as possible to the birth of her choice.

Studies are showing that the presence of a Doula tends to result in a shorter labour, improved coping, less technical aid and a more satisfying experience for the mother. Regardless of how the birth unfolds, women and their partners appreciate the continuous support of a Doula's presence.

Every woman deserves a Doula.

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The Healing Response . . .

It is important to know that any treatment session can sometimes leave you with a disappointing reaction of headache, nausea or muscle ache. This healing response is the normal bodily reaction to the release of tension and lymphatic blockage. Remember there is always a message in discomfort. That's why your stubbed toe throbs - to remind you that it is healing and needs gentle handling.

The best way to minimize post-session discomfort is by thoroughly discussing your health history. Let your practitioner know about chronic conditions, injuries or medications, before the treatment starts. Be sure that you have the time to fully experience the treatment. A rushed treatment hour squeezed into a hectic day is of little benefit. Drink more water than usual after your session to help your body flush out the released toxins.

Remember, the point of any therapy is to benefit you. By making personal responsibility a part of the treatment, it becomes a truly holistic process.

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Holistic Health Care

Holistic healing treats the person as a unit rather than just a collection of disabled parts such as an aching back or bad skin. The emphasis is on harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit.

Actually, holistic health care treatments are the traditional healing methods. Heroic modern medicine is vital in a health crisis. Sometimes, however, modern medicine can be complemented by including traditional holistic care that focuses on an overall sense of wellness.

The days of body care as the pampered indulgence of the idle rich are gone. Even without a medical crisis, we can always benefit from regular holistic treatment to help maintain good health in the face of everyday stress, whether it’s the stress of work and the stress of leisure.

About My Services

Aromatherapy comes from a rich history of ancient practices.  The use of essential oils goes back 3,000 years and has always had a major role in society.  From traditional healing to religious ceremonies to cozy kitchens, it is the most primitive part of our brain that remembers and values scent.

A relaxing massage with fragrant, evocative oils is just the thing for a wonderful feeling of well-being.  In addition, essential oils are antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial.  These elements help strengthen the immune system.

Reflexology also has traditions going back thousands of years.  There is reference to the practice in Egyptian hieroglyphics and ancient Eastern medicine.

This is one of many types of pressure point therapy, such as Shiatsu and Accupressure.  Reflexology is very popular because working only on the feet and hands is less intrusive than full body work.  But it can be equally relaxing because of the interconnectedness of all the body systems.

Ear Candling may sound like yet another newfangled, "New Age-y" idea.  But there have been forms of it in Native American, South American and mid-European cultures.

An ear candling session can ease the congestion of accumulated wax in the ears.  It can also relieve sinus problems, headaches, and neck and jaw tensions.

Energy touch therapies, such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, go well beyond Biblical references to the laying-on of hands.  All life radiates electromagnetic energy.  Over time, an understanding has developed of how to connect with that energy force.

The value of these soothing practices is gradually becoming more accepted in patient care facilities.  Many medical staff are now trained and able to offer the added comfort of a touch therapy.

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Aromatherapy - Reflexology - Reiki - Therapeutic Touch - Ear Candling - Aesthetics - Location - Doula - Articles

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